Guest Post: Baby Fashion 101: 3 Tips to Dressing Your Bundle-Of-Joy

I am very excited about introducing our first guest poster in a while … Ferina Santos. Don’t forgot after reading to go and check out her blog at APinkBanana.

Baby Fashion 101: 3 Tips to Dressing Your Bundle-Of-Joy

When your little bundle of joy arrives into the world, you instinctively cradle it in your arms and never let go. The next thing you know is that you want to dress them as fashionably as you dress yourself. After all if you want your baby to look the best and probably a wee bit like you. Even if you aren’t that much of a fashionista, you (and probably other people) have high expectations of how keeping your child’s temperature regulated by covering up their hands and feet, you may still wonder how to put your fashion sense into an entirely new wardrobe for your pint sized newborn.

Here are three tips to help.

1.     Start by being practical

No fashionable piece will look good on your baby if it makes them sick. While you should always put your child’s health before beauty, you can have it both ways. Depending on the weather outside, pick practical items that will keep them warm, cool, or dry.  Focus on finding the best onesies and protective cool hats for the hot summer months. In the winter, put adorable jackets, hats and warming accessories to keep your baby warm.

It is important to note that even in cold temperatures it is not a good idea to overdress your baby. Unlike adults, newborns only need one layer of clothing. When it is cold outside, use blankets to keep them warm, but do not overheat them with too many clothes. Single layers are more fashionable on babies, and far more practical.

2.     Use color in fun ways

Color is always in style on newborns. With fun fashionable colors in season, such as neon and bright reds and blues, you have a lot of options to dress up your baby to match your own look. Use color in fun ways, such as in accessories, on adorable sunglasses, or in their shoes. You can also be bold and use a lot of flowers on little girls.

Colors are also a great way to impact your mood, and your baby’s mood. With bright colors, you can spark a smile in your little one and anyone who passes you both by.

3.     Add Prints for more fun

Color is not the only part of your baby’s outfit that will get noticed. Newborn clothes come in fashionable and fun prints that you can match to your own. From polka dots to stripes, adult and newborn fashions meet in the fabric you choose. If you are a seamstress, put your skills to work and create dresses that match. While they should not be identical, incorporating the same fabric you use in your clothing and that used in your newborn’s clothing can add a personal and fun touch.

Your baby should reflect you and your personality to show that you both are a family. Do this by keeping them dressed in a way that will keep them healthy first and foremost. Then, add color and prints to spice up any outfit and let your new bundle of joy’s personality sparkle.


Ferina Santos is part of the team behind Open Colleges, Australia’s provider of great fashion courses. A feisty nerd at heart with an obsession for vanity, she captures all her random musings with daily photographs in her blog, APinkBanana.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.Net – Baby Red Hat by Clare Bloomfield